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Lauryl Alcohol

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  • Dodecan-1-ol
  • 38237020
  • CH3(CH2)10CH20H
  • Colorless soft solid
  • 112-53-8
  • Dodecanol; 1-Dodecanol; Dodecyl Alcohol; Lauryl Alcohol; 1-Hydroxydodecane; 1-Dodecyl Alcohol; Lauric Alcohol; n-Dodecan-1-ol; n-Dodecyl Alcohol
  • 170 Kgs - HDPE Drums
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Lauryl Alcohol 98%
Lauryl Alcohol 99%


Brief Overview

Lauryl alcohol is a saturated fatty alcohol that has 12 carbon atoms and has a floral odor. It can be produced from palm kernel or coconut oil fatty acids. Lauryl alcohol is derived from a hydride of a dodecane. Lauryl alcohol can be prepared through hydrogenating lauric acid and is usually used in place of the corresponding aldehyde.

Manufacturing Process

Lauryl alcohol can be prepared through several processes. It can be prepared by the reduction of the aldehyde and by the reduction of lauramide with sodium and amyl alcohol. This alcohol can be produced through the oxo process or can be produced from ethylene through the Ziegler process which involves oxidation of trialkylaluminum compounds.

Textile Industries 

Lauryl alcohol in textile can be used as a wetting agent. It can help to reduce surface tension on textile and leather processes. 

Personal Care Industries

Lauryl alcohol is used in many skin, hair, and personal care products. It is incorporated into the water and oil phase to help stabilize emulsion. It is fatty, so it can provide fat and moisture to dry skin. It forms a layer on the skin that does not allow water to evaporate. It can also be used as an intermediate surfactant. It can also be sulfonated to produce the anionic surfactant and surfactant SLES (sodium lauryl ether sulfate) used in the production of many personal care products.

Lauryl Alcohol Suppliers - Tradeasia International

Tradeasia is fulfilling the needs of many international and national companies by offering premium quality of the raw compounds, which is prepared by professionals. We are the top lauryl alcohol Supplier that serves the purpose of many of our clients, at budget-friendly rates. Paired up with our comprehensive supply capability, we are one of the best lauryl  alcohol suppliers based in Singapore with a growing market in Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Central America, and South America. Tradeasia International tends to make sure that the desired product is delivered within the given time frame without compromising on the quality at all. We offer negotiable prices for lauryl  alcohol with the best quality according to customer requirements

Tradeasia as the Leading Lauryl Alcohol Suppliers

Lauryl alcohol suppliers in Indonesia play a very important role in increasing the productivity of lauryl alcohol, Tradeasia International being one of the best lauryl alcohol suppliers across the globe and a trusted company among lauryl alcohol buyers in Indonesia. Driven by the idea of providing top-quality chemical products for our customers, we aim to organize and offer top-quality lauryl alcohol that widely used in several industries for different purposes such as:

  • In the pharmaceutical industry, lauryl  alcohol is present in creams and non lathering shaving creams.

  • Lauryl alcohol is used in the production of creams as it has an emulsifier and thickener action.

Lauryl Alcohol price may vary according to the various regions across the globe, but if quality is the priority Tradeasia International is the best choice.

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